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Key Crew


Nick Chevallier

Director and Producer

After obtaining a degree in journalism and media at Rhodes University studies, I have been a producer, director, and cinematographer of socio-environmental documentaries for the past 30 years. 20 years ago I produced a documentary called “The Wild Coast….a fragile Paradise” in which I explored the natural beauty and rich natural resource base of this unique coastline. 20 years down the track and now is the perfect opportunity through this “Wild Coast Warriors” film to incorporate these globally relevant themes. Previous clients have included BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, and local South African television broadcasting platforms. Other clients have been a diverse number of NGOs and academic institutions. A common theme in many productions has been the undermining motivation of creating awareness, shifting perceptions/attitudes, and actually making a difference.

Leigh Wood

Director and Co-Editor

Leigh Wood has over 15 years of experience in directing, filming and editing documentries. Leigh created and produced the youth segment “It’s Up to Us” on South Africa’s longest-running environmental television program 50/50. Passionate about storytelling that serves as a catalyst for positive change, most often related to content in Africa that concerns environment, indigenous communities, human health, nutrition, medical injustice, gender-based violence, community upliftment, youth empowerment and education. A seeker of truth that can be brought to light for the greater good.


Warren Smart

Director of Photography

Warren was Topside Cinematographer on the Oscar winning 'My Octopus Teacher' (2021). 

Warren loves to interpret a basic concept into an eloquent dance between the camera and subject, to sculpt an emotional response in the audience.

With 10 years experience filming across Africa, Warren is most proud of the projects that have affected change for good. The bulk of his work has been around sustainability, conservation and inspiration and he enjoys working in wild and remote areas.

Gary Janks

Executive Producer

Retired teacher, with a career spanning 35 years. For the last 7 years, he’s been a Producer / Director, and sole founder of Contemporary Film Productions. His previous film, Chasing Mandelaʼs Rainbow (2019), was selected for 37 international film festivals, 7 awards/nominations, including Best Documentary, Cinema At The Edge, L.A. USA, & TV broadcasts, UR (Sweden), Deutsche Welle - international single run in 4 languages (Germany), ShortsTV (USA), France Télévisions, and (South Africa).

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Katherine Robinson


Katherine joined Natural Justice in September 2021 as Head of Campaigns and Communications. Her work advances strategic campaigning, communications and media relations on the continent and globally to support NJ’s litigation and legal empowerment in solidarity with and for local communities, activists and defenders we work with. Katherine has a Bachelor of Journalism from the University currently known as Rhodes, and certification in business and human rights law, and global LGBTQ+ rights. Katherine has worked in both regional and International NGOs for ten years, on policy, advocacy, campaigning and media work to advance gender, economic and climate justice, LGBTQ+ rights, South-feminist alternatives, youth leadership and Palestinian solidarity.

Guido Zanghi

Co-Director, Editor

Guido is an Italian filmmaker, and editor based in London. Having attended prestigious film schools such as Tisch School of the Arts (NYU) & London Film  Academy, while also completing an MA in Ethnographic Documentary Film at UCL (London), Guido has worked on many short films and documentaries, developing his own unique style with a penchant for drama and irony, while remaining well rooted in a desire to address and question societal issues. He is the recipient of the LFA Emerging Filmmaker of the Year Award 2021. His most recent works include a short version of Save the Wild Coast (2022), a short documentary Deserters (2023), a short WW1 drama, and a behind-the-scenes documentary of Pentaclub (2023).



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